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JFK Airport

One of the world’s greatest and most trafficked airports, New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport is now the 17th largest airport globally. It welcomes around 60 million visitors annually, accommodating 90 airlines. Located near Rockaway Beach in Queens, the choppy waters of the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean welcome visitors flying into New York onto one of the airport’s four runways. Although the terminals are numbered 1-8, only six are functional, as terminals three and six have been demolished.

The airport is located about 16 miles from Midtown Manhattan, covering just over eight miles of real estate. A vast transit system expands out, servicing passengers by rail, bus, and car to the rest of the city and the country. While JFK is undoubtedly the largest and most visited of the area’s big three, (Laguardia, and Newark Liberty being the others), there are few facts you might not be aware of:


A New Pet-Only Terminal

The airport has a new pet-only terminal, aptly named the ARK, that pampers pooches, birds, and even horses! It comes equipped with a wellness center and veterinary services.


Taxi/Shuttle to JFK (Sedan/Van/SUV)

Jupiter Cars offers a reliable and affordable 24-hour taxi and shuttle service to and from JFK to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and other area airports. We can accommodate any size party with a fleet of well-maintained new-model sedans, vans, and SUVs. For travelers inexperienced with the confusing maze of parkways, thruways, exit ramps, interstates, and one-way streets, not to mention the continuous traffic, hiring an experienced private driver to do the heavy lifting for you is the way to go. It alleviates stress, saves time, and is the most sanitary way to navigate New York City. Our cars are cleaned and sanitized after each journey, assuring our passengers travel in the most hygienic environment possible.


Affordable and Reliable

Jupiter cars are reliable and affordable. Although JFK has Airtrain services connecting to the subway and public bus routes, traveling in a group using a Jupiter taxi service is far more affordable, faster and stress-free.


Unlike public transport

Unlike public transport, our New York cab and shuttle service to JFK allows passengers to relax with leather upholstery in a spacious air-conditioned car. Our drivers are always punctual and track flight times, so you won’t be charged extra if your plane is delayed.

You can schedule our shuttle and taxi service to pick you up from a hotel, commercial building, or private residence in any of the five boroughs, excluding the Bronx. This ensures you will arrive at JFK in plenty of time to catch your flight.

You can contact Jupiter Cars 24 hours a day to book a car or get a quote. We accommodate all passengers traveling to or from JFK Airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens.


About LaGuardia Airport

Formerly considered the unloved stepchild of JFK, Queens’ LaGuardia airport has recently gone from drab to fab thanks to a billion-dollar rebuild.

Named after Fiorello La Guardia, a former NYC mayor from 1934–1945, LGA now boasts four terminals, 72 gates, and two runways and is one of the US’ top 25 busiest airports.

If JFK is the world’s entrance to America, LaGuardia is about as New York as bagels, lox, and cream cheese. There are many offshoots of favorite New York restaurants and stores sprinkled around the four terminals, with spas and exclusive airline club lounges for passengers looking to unwind before a long flight.

One of the most interesting terminals is ‘A’, also known as the Historic Marine Air Terminal. Here, Art-Deco architecture visual art find a home. A mural depicting the history of flying by artist James Brooks is a must for aviation enthusiasts.

Conversely, Terminal B is a hi-tech affair combining water, lasers, and sound for signature shows to keep travelers engaged.

The “C” in Terminal C could stand for ‘culture.’ It features a rotating display of works by local artists, thanks to the Queens Museum, highlighting themes of diversity, inclusivity, and creativity.

Taxi/Shuttle to LaGuardia (Sedan/Van/SUV)

LaGuardia services flights to and from other US (and Canadian) airports, which means it’s often used as a transfer hub to nearby JFK for international flights. If you’re looking for a convenient shuttle to JFK from LaGuardia, Jupiter Cars offers an affordable, reliable service between airports. Airport shuttle buses are notoriously time-consuming, making multiple stops and subject to unexpected delays when waiting for passengers. Our shuttle service is fast, efficient, and affordable, especially when multiple passengers are clients. We also offer a convenient taxi service to all five New York boroughs except the Bronx.


Affordable and Reliable 

Unlike JFK airport, no subway or train goes directly to LaGuardia airport, so if you’re flying to/from here, you’ll need to either drive yourself or take a taxi. Driving your own car to LaGuardia is stressful when navigating New York’s complicated traffic-laden road system and expensive considering airport parking costs. Carrying your luggage from the car park to the gate is also time-consuming. Long-term parking usually means an outdoor trip involving a shuttle bus that also takes up valuable minutes. Who needs the hassle? A taxi to LGA will get you there relaxed and on time.

You can contact Jupiter Cars 24 hours a day to book a car or get a quote. We accommodate all passengers traveling to or from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens.


Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) is still considered a New York area airport. It is the same distance from Midtown Manhattan as JFK. If you live in New Jersey or even Pennsylvania, it makes sense to fly from Newark. However, due to the congestion in New York, and the cheaper priced airfare, Newark also makes sense for Manhattanites, residents of South Brooklyn, or Staten Island if you can avoid rush hour traffic crossing the Hudson.

Newark Airport has three terminals, A, B & C, in a semi-circle. Each comprises four levels, and a free 24-hour Airtrain Monorail service connects all the terminals.



Little Known Facts About Newark Liberty International Airport


Once The World’s Busiest Airport


Newark Airport was the busiest commercial airport in the world until LaGuardia Airport opened in 1939. Having opened in 1928, Newark Airport has the country’s oldest airfield.


The Word ‘Liberty’ Honors 911


“Liberty” was added to the airport’s name in 2002. It honors the United Airlines Flight 93 that left Newark on September 11, 2001 and crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after terrorists hijacked it.


The Third Largest National Hub for United Airlines


Newark is the third largest hub nationally for United Airlines, behind Chicago’s O’Hare and Houston’s Intercontinental.


Taxi/Shuttle to Newark Airport (EWR)

Like JFK Airport, the mesh of streets around Newark Airport can be confounding for the time-challenged or jet-lagged traveler. However, unlike JFK, a wrong turn could land you in a warren of deserted backstreets and auto body shops, which can be alarming at night.

It’s far safer and less stressful to use a Jupiter taxi to whisk you to your final destination in the spacious comfort of a late-model sedan, van, or SUV. You’ll be in the safe hands of a vetted, qualified professional driver who navigates the streets around the airport every day. We offer a reliable car service from Newark Airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Affordable and Reliable

Unlike JFK, there is no direct subway service to Newark Airport. This means travelers will either need to drive (which also means traffic and tolls for bridges and tunnels) or take a transit bus or Airtrain. It’s all very time-consuming, and when factoring in groups of travelers, it is more costly than using a sanitized, spacious Jupiter car service to Newark Airport.

You can contact Jupiter Cars 24 hours a day to book a car or get a quote. We accommodate all passengers traveling to or from Newark Liberty Airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens.


Car Seats Available

Jupiter Cars is a child-friendly company! We offer a safe, clean and welcoming environment for parents or family members traveling with kids, toddlers, and babies. Car seats are available in all our vehicles upon request. They are thoroughly sanitized and will be securely fitted by our drivers.